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Dutch Apple Skillet Bread

Have you ever considered making bread in your cast iron skillet? Until recently, it had never occurred to me. However, after trying a GREAT banana bread recipe, I knew I had to try it with some of my tried and true recipes. Dutch Apple Skillet Bread is one of my favorites! It’s moist, contains yummy… Continue reading Dutch Apple Skillet Bread

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Busy Mom’s Baked Ham & Cheese Egg Cups: Perfect for Weekday Breakfasts!

I don’t know about you, but I struggle with getting breakfast ready in a timely fashion during the work week. The main reason? I want PROTEIN for breakfast, not simple carbohydrates. My next meal is over six hours away…I need the protein to keep my stomach from rumbling while I’m in front of my classroom.… Continue reading Busy Mom’s Baked Ham & Cheese Egg Cups: Perfect for Weekday Breakfasts!

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Fresh Peaches and Cream Scones

Do you LOVE the sweetness of fresh peaches?  I adore the juicy fruit and the fresh flavor of these little bundles of sunshine. I also enjoy thinking of new ways to use this BEAUTIFUL and healthy fruit, and from my experiments, the recipe for Fresh Peaches and Cream Scones was born. Fresh Peaches and Cream Scones… Continue reading Fresh Peaches and Cream Scones

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Bakery-Style Double Chocolate Muffins

If you’ve read my blog, you know I’m all about “living outside the box.” For me, this means I’m working to live as simply as possible…like my grandparents or great-grandparents did.  If I can make/build/create it from scratch, it’s a winner! Bakery-style Double Chocolate Muffins fits into my “living outside the box” perfectly! These muffins are… Continue reading Bakery-Style Double Chocolate Muffins

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King Cake Scones: Perfect for Mardi Gras!

Do you love king cake as much as I do??? Real king cake is one of those fabulous creations that takes time to make but the end result is spectacular. Plus, it has a fun side! 🙂 Who doesn’t want to find something hidden in their piece??? When I have the time, I definitely make… Continue reading King Cake Scones: Perfect for Mardi Gras!

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Cream Cheese Brownie Scones

Sometimes life gives us surprises. Cream Cheese Brownie Scones were one such happy surprise this week. 🙂 I set out to create one recipe, but after tasting these little scones, I found I’d actually created something else. These chocolately goodies are filled with chocolate chips then drizzled with a rich, dark, ganache. These are the perfect special… Continue reading Cream Cheese Brownie Scones

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Christmas Morning Eggnog Pan Biscuits

My grandma’s biscuits were the stuff of legends. My dad and his sisters rave about how tall and fluffy and heavenly they were. Unfortunately, Grandma never used a recipe and she is no longer with us to share her secrets. From what I’ve been told, Grandma’s biscuits were sky-high, light, and more like cake than… Continue reading Christmas Morning Eggnog Pan Biscuits