My Books

Writing these two young adult novels were some of the best moments of my life. I enjoyed the freedom of creativity and the escape into a world that I created. Both are available for purchase on Here is a brief description of The Impossible Series.


Impossible Find (Book #1)

Emily Waller’s life couldn’t get more fragmented. The sixteen-year-old feels extreme guilt over the loss of her father, she hasn’t spoken with her friends in months, and the new guy down the street is totally not what she expected. As Will Palmer gets more involved in her life, the more Emily realizes things aren’t what they seem. Emily keeps finding pieces of her past—messages from fate. But fate could be playing tricks. When Emily is threatened by real danger, she learns that nothing is impossible. Through a story of loss, love, and resurrection, Emily Waller discovers that her eternal fate lies with the handsome and mysterious, Will Palmer—someone Emily never thought she would find.

 Impossible Road (Book #2)

After waking up from a coma, Emily Waller hopes for a normal high school life. She wants her perfect boyfriend close and no more escaping from soul-grabbing demons. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. She hasn’t seen her true love, Will, in weeks, and her friends keep trying to set her up with Brighton High School’s new basketball star, Andy Bolier. Unsure of whether to pursue the earthly boy who lives down the street or to wait for her guardian angel, Emily is at war with herself.

Will Palmer is working hard to make his way back to Emily, but things keep getting in his way. The Dominions are beyond stubborn, and all hell is about to break lose in heaven. The two parts of his life are at odds, and an impossible decision must be made. Can he keep heaven safe and be with Emily?


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